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Another derogetory term for Africa because of way the natives of the land look like. It's commonly accepted that many Africans do look more like apes than any other race.

Some may take it as an insult, but that's species we evolved from, someone's gonna look like apes.
That dude with the spear clicking at me looks like he's from Apefrica. Give that dude a banana, a smile and a thumbs up
by Parth S Patel April 21, 2011

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The Glock Block is when a person stops a man from shooting the other man.
For example the "Don't do it, he's not worth it" , or "Killing him wont bring him or her back"
or from 24
Tony trying to shoot the murderer of his wife, and jack bauer shot him.

These are all examples of a Glock Block
by Parth S Patel May 18, 2009

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When a player is made to look better than he really is due to the ability of the point guard. The player will in turn be overpaid. When they are left without the same quality of point guard, everyone will realize how overrated the player was.
Kenyon Martin got a max contract cause of the Kmart effect. He should give Jkidd a good cut of his money
by Parth S Patel November 22, 2009

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Severe constipation followed by diarrhea... essentially, it was really hard before to start but then it just gushed out... similar to opening a champange bottle
I pushed for so long and then it ended up being diarrhea... I popped the cork

Pop The cork Diarrhea
by Parth S Patel September 10, 2009

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A lower back tattoo of the "DO NOT ENTER" street sign.
She has an anti-tramp stamp, she must not not want it in the ass
by Parth S Patel January 15, 2009

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When a single girl blocks the chance of her friend from meeting a guy, not to help her, but out of jealousy
"I was hitting on this girl and we got along really well but then her friend came in and cooch blocked her."
by Parth S Patel June 10, 2009

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Clearly common sense is not good enough now days so based on the phrase "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? COME ON!" or "Come on! how the hell dont you know that"

Come on sense
How the hell did he get that wrong, the moron clearly lacks come on sense
by Parth S Patel August 02, 2009

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