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An area of peach fuzz-ish hair on a girl's lower back, just above her bum.
I don't care what you say Miguel, I think a bunny tail is hotter than a tramp stamp.
by Park Il-sun January 30, 2008
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Slang term for prescription sedative Clonazepam which presumably arose from stoned mis-readings of the pill bottle.
"Sally, did you eat all the chips and knock over the laundry basket?"

"Hahaha, yeah probably, I took waaay to many colozepams....do you want to order pizza?"
by Park Il-sun February 02, 2008
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Someone who presents themselves as incorporating elements of both genders but (rather than looking like Bowie) gets it wrong. Very very wrong.

'Travis, I think your ugdrogynous roommate is stealing my underwear again.'

'Don't worry Sally, I'll have a word with him once he gets back from larping.'

by Park Il-sun January 30, 2009
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When a girl's pubic hair is visible above her belt line. This usually occurs when low riders are combined with a lack of personal grooming or the act of reaching over one's own head.
Sally and I are going to the library to see who can spot the most muffin tops! Wanna come?
by Park Il-sun January 30, 2008
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