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A bounty Trio is another definition to anyone who has a penis over 10 inches. This is in reference to the popular tripple size bounty chocolate bar.
MP: So then how big is your dick?
BT: Well I reckon about 11 inches, flacid?
RA: Jesus fucking christ thats huge
MP: Like a Bounty Trio
by Parassassin November 24, 2011

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Another way of saying to nail someone!
Trio: Look at the tits on that!
Mike: I think I might have a dance with her and slap my cock on her back!
Trio: Fuck that shit "Let's Aars it!"
by Parassassin November 23, 2011

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A group of people who are hell bent on getting free advertising from UD. They put pointless definitions in all linking to the website in question in order to get around actually paying for advertising. Lets hope the editors get on the case and reject all these crappy links!!!
Guy 1: I cant find anything on UD because of all these dumb links to homestar something or other!

Guy 2: Homestarspamers suck!!
by parassassin May 29, 2008

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Rapey is a situation that could potentially lead to rape or just appear to be the start of an impending rape. Alternatively if there is a very ropey situation that goes beyond ropey then rapey could be used.
In a crowded night club with two sexy girls dancing to garage music wearing only hot pants and a bra top, catch the eye of two young guys. After 5 minutes of furious grinding one guy gets the wrong idea and very horny and thinks, "I'm going to fuck this bird now" and proceeds to "drop trou" and slap his semi erect thudder on the back of the aforementioned grinding girl!

M: Ah yeah I need to tap this ass, zzzziiiippppp, flop thud!
Girl1: Oh whats that?

(turns round and see's a man with his trousers round his ankles
M: Heh!
Girl 1: SLAP!!!
Girl 2: That was a bit rapey!
by Parassassin November 24, 2011

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