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The title "Lempos" originates from Ancient Cyprus and was inherited by the priviliged family of Lempious, because of the unfortunate birth of their first offspring with turtle-like features, which occured in the village of Lempa, Cyprus. It refers to the subtle art of being a turtle-like creature.
You are such a Lempos, that your parents admitted you being ugly.
by Palavrakis April 12, 2022
Semi black man (half black half syrian) with the ability to jerk off to anything. He also likes to harrash sexually his classmates. Skolidos as a word was found when a child with retardation, a parent that was involved in 9/11 and with mispronounciation problems, wrongly pronounced the name " Sokidios". He occasionally leaves his cave/ house to see his friends.
You are such a Skolidos, you jerked off to a goat instead of going to the satan party that was organized just for you (* syrian accent to imitate his environment*).
by Palavrakis April 12, 2022