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Lobstervision refers to the color and composition of the Heads-up Display (HUD) for the "Covenant Elite" Player Model in Halo 2.
Oh Mah Gahd, I'm lookin' at it through the lobstervision!
by Paintbait June 05, 2006

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The "Elite" Player model in the game "Halo 2", the definition's origin is unknown (Though thought to have originated by some member of the GAMEFAQS forums), but it is a derogatory reference to the cumbersome nature of the player model and what it looks like from behind at a distance. lobstervision Refers to the lobsterback's HUD.
Look at all these lobsterbacks!
by Paintbait June 05, 2006

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It's when the gerbil (or other small mammal) crawls back out of the rectum
"So when the Kansas kiwi...you know... is it dry and crusty when it emerges?"
"No. No, it's wet."
by Paintbait August 08, 2020

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