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The midnight feast when you stay up late and need food. Consists mainly of junk food. Can be eaten during a rabit ritual without interupting it. Generally linked to pot and munchies.
paddy: Heya dude im gunna sneak downstairs and get us some crisps, chocolate and cake for Brelundin.
Sam: Ok dude dont forget the crisps

Craig: Ooh i feel really hungry during this rabit ritual eddy
Eddy: Lets have Brelundin first bunny.

Paddy: Oh my god munchies! Time for Brelundin
by Paddy and Sam April 09, 2010
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Reticulous - adjective
A combination between ridiculous and retarded normally said when someone or something says something extremely stupid. When describing someone you can either call them a reticulous person or reticularded if they are extremely retarded.
Craig: Shall we have Brelundin
Paddy: Nah its only 22:17 Don't be Reticulous

Craig: I think the green lantern is better than batman
Summer: Dont be reticulous its just cos you have a massive gay man crush on the green lantern

Craig would be an example of a reticulous or reticularded person because his stupidity is beyond ridiculous
by Paddy and Sam September 08, 2010
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Where a burger is purchased from a burger establishment (burger king, MacDonald's) Then at their property the man lifts the bun of the burger off and dumps his load on it, then he must suck period blood from the woman's vagina and spit it on the sauce. The woman then must mix the sauce up with her tongue replace the bun and eat it with the man. This is similar to a rainbow kiss on a burger.
Eddy: Me and craig took our relationship to the next level!

Paddy: I really dont want to know your dirtyer than urban dictionary

Eddy: Shut up. We put some rainbow sauce on a burger and ate it, it tasted divine.

*paddy voms*
by Paddy and Sam May 13, 2010
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