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a company that is viewed by the public as having scummy ways.
John Paul DuZines Tiger Designs is a massive scumpany.
They made me pay for $80 for 60g overweight handlugage.
Mass scump!
by PW11LY February 13, 2010
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When someone displays an insider knowledge of your personal life garnered from social networking posts not involving them...
1. I got this stalkward post from marissa re: mike's post about thailand...

2. How stalkward was jonnie with that call on fb, he always tries to chime in on our pj's...

3. chutters johnson just told me he thought floral bikini's really suit me...stalkward!

4. i just told alexandra how hot she looks in floral bikini's and she giggled, i'm in for sure...
where'd u see her in a bikini?
that's stalkward as, and can you stop touching my leg...
by pw11ly January 23, 2010
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