2 definitions by POOPANTS17

When a man is about to climax, he pulls out, climbs onto the top rope, performs a 450 splash into the gash and busts a nut.
When John was about to cum, he pulled out of Anna, climbed to the top rope, did a gnarly 450 splash right into her. Only bad thing is that his condom flew off during rotation and now shes pregnant.
by POOPANTS17 November 3, 2017
When you are performing cunnilingus on a woman while she is on your shoulders and just before she climaxes you slam her back first or "powerbomb" her onto a table.
Taylor fractured 6 vertebrae when O'Doyle powerbombed her last night. It was the best orgasm she ever had.
by POOPANTS17 November 3, 2017