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The act of flailing penis and/or male genitalia in one's face as they sleep awakening them with your junk. Preferably performed in an early morning setting.
Phil: "Dude, Maniel is still passed out, wanna give him a wiener wake-up?"

by PB & LS November 17, 2009

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Secret term utilized by males to describe a women possessing a set of very fine breasts coupled with an ass that is also just great. Term is usually used in the presence of a woman with these features without their awareness. Variation: Table gunners (breasts that lay comfortable onto a table being elevated to look larger and more perky; commonly found in a library setting)
Phil: "Dude, look at the gunners and bunners on that chick!"

Luke: "Holy shitto those things are enormous...I think Maniel's trying to walk off a semi."
by PB & LS December 01, 2009

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The act of spying on someone who is shitting. Performed in either a public setting or in the comfort of one's home by peering through small openings in stall and/or hiding behind shower curtains. Peeking over the top or below the stall while using flash photography is a common method but not necessary in these incidents.
Phil: "Dude, Maniel's taking a massive shit, let's spy on him"

Luke: "If you mean some poopy paparazzi I'm in!"
by PB & LS November 19, 2009

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