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Means to have to defecate or have a bowel movement or to have to take a dump. Mainly used for an emergency situation, where the movement in imminent, but can be used for any announcement of your condition.
Remember that jalepeno burrito I had earlier, with the ice cream sundae and Heinekins for dessert? Well, Mr Hankey is knocking on the door about now!!

I've been sick all day, and I think Mr Hankey is knocking on the door again.
by PALABRAMAN July 17, 2009

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A STORE WHORE is the girl who, wherever she works, has sex or fools around with fellow employees... mainly managers
Calista has been working at the grocery store for only 3 months, but she's already the store whore after sleeping with 2 cashiers, a bag boy, and the assistant manager.

Trixie is known as the store whore, because she's had sex with every new manager trainee that has come along in the last 6 months.
by PALABRAMAN July 15, 2009

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A LOLLYPOP---or a LOLLY---is an underage(under 18) girl, who is attractive or naturally sexy, but legally fobidden.

It is meant for post pubescent girls (around 13-17 years of age), but NOT for those who are attracted to elementary school age kids.
Britney Spears was quite the LOLLYPOP when Baby One More Time came out.

Have you seen Demi and Selena? Those two are quite the LOLLYPOPS.
by PALABRAMAN July 13, 2009

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