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Music that is made by an appliance or gadget used by housewives to clean thingz around the house and the house itself such as, vaccum cleaners, washing machines, dryers etc.
"(Shouts)Hey, turn that housewives music down, i'm trying to watch the telly"
by P4R4D0X May 08, 2005

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basicly the abbreviation for Hate to be you
"You are a loser,I'd H82BU"
by P4R4D0X May 08, 2005

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another word for the end of the world, this is in relation to the way a phrase contradicts itself because revelation is rhumoured to say that when the world ends everything contradicts itself all at once in all forms and starts the end of the world.
"It's too hot in here, go and get me a jacket because it is way too cold in here"
by P4R4D0X May 21, 2005

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