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A person who loves and is addicted to sex. A girl who can have sex all day long and still not get enough. After having sex, she still thinks of it and if alone will continue by masturbating to satisfy her needs and desires. Is addicted to porn and is open to try new things. Doesn't have to be told by her boyfriend that he wants sex because she is already on top of him. Loves to spice things up by doing it in public and doesn't mind if someone is looking or listening when the sex drive is at its highest. Tends to take advantage of their partner by having sex even if time is very limited. (no matter if its during a lunch break) Will take advantage of every opportunity available and will satisfy her partner in any way possible without expecting anything in return. Sex becomes such an addiction that the thought of it is present throughout the day, at school, at work, and even in dreams. The thought of past sex actions and how good it was creates a greater desire of repeating such actions. Research on ways of how to experience the ultimate orgasm and new ways of satisfying the partner become an obsession. Sex becomes a must and sometimes can't be controlled that immediate action has to take place. Personally, I'm glad I have a boyfriend who understands my needs and is willing to help me with them.
I'm sorry for still wanting more but i'm such a nympho.
by P00ky December 10, 2008

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