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When a person encounters a problem on a computer, calls for help, and finds out it's their fault. Also called a code 18.
Person 1: My CD drive won't open! :'(
Person 2: You're computer's off.
Person 1: Why does that matter?
Person 2: Wow, operator error!
by P.h.i.l June 11, 2005
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This was originally spelled wid, but changed due to this common misspelling. This is not to be confused with the other word, wid.

1) n. A really bad relentless itch.
2) n. An extreme annoyance; huge pain in the ass.
3) n. One who is a huge pain in the ass; really annoying.
1) Damn, I hate this whid!
2) I hate this book! It's such a whid to read with this size 3 font.
3) You are such a fucking whid! I wish I could shoot you right now!
by P.h.i.l May 22, 2005
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