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The most ghetto place in Canada, where you better be walking with your vest or you gonna die!
- Yo, I need to buy some crack and to go sell this big ass chain to the pawn shop, where should I go?
- Man, grab your vest, we going to Montreal-North
by P-Y September 27, 2004

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After reading all the definitions for Toronto, I come to the conclusion that people from Toronto need to be told that they rock... I guess that when you live in a large city that has less clubs (less beautiful girls, less action, less everything) then a medium city (like MONTREAL), all you have to do is write down ridiculous definitions about how great your own city is.
By the way: Last Stanley Cup was in 1967, I wouldn't call that The greatest hockey franchise in the world losers... You can always come to Montreal and look at what a real hockey Dynasty looks like.
Loser A: Hey friends, it's saturday night and our safe city is sound asleep (as usual) let's go write definitions about our great city and how great it is here.
Loser B: Oh Great idea! Also, we should tell everyone about the great nightlife here because we can't compare it to nowhere else cuz we think the world revolves around us.
Loser C: It's not really our fault, we got so caught up trying to act like New York City that we forgot the girls and the fun in Vancouver and Montreal..
by P-Y February 07, 2005

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