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Born in 1977 New York City, started acting at age 4, stared in Buffy in 1997 EXTREAMMLY CUTE and a great actress. She is the wife of Freddie Prinze Jr. who is the luckiest man alive.
I am in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar
I wish I had a chance with Sarah Michelle Gellar
whoever dosn't love Sarah Michelle Gellar shall have something bad happen to them.......yah!
by P Broz July 03, 2006
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A botique guitar and bass amplifier manufactuer that specializes in high gain tube amps.
Did you see Prince using that Mesa Boogie Lonestar in the music video for Fury.
by p Broz July 04, 2006
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A slang expression derived from the two english words, for sure. meaning; without doubt.
hey mang, did u see whad dat craka be doin? FoeShow.
He did that FoeShow.
by p Broz July 03, 2006
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a term that came from a TV show called Wonder Showzen that means white(cockasian)
Baby Boogie wants to Sugee
by P Broz July 04, 2006
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