2 definitions by P Diddy Pimp Daddy

The “Gorilla Congolese Flamethrower” is performed with your partner in bed. To do the Gorilla Congolese Flamethrower your partner must stick a lighter in their anus as you hold a mouthful of ethanol in your cocksucker. Then, as your partner spreads their cheeks and flicks the lighter, you spit the ethanol out of your mouth, directed towards your partners anal cavity while beating your fists on your chest and testicles (as a sexually active Congolese Gorilla with a flamethrower would), thus performing the Gorilla Congolese Flamethrower.
“Yo timmy, did you hear what happened? Norm and Dalani performed the Gorilla Congolese Flamethrower and Norm ended up going to the hospital with burns on the inside of his anus!”
by P Diddy Pimp Daddy November 28, 2021
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