3 definitions by OzzieHP

Adjective used to describe an experience or activity that is very gratifying when done while high, usually because it will trip you the fuck out.
Dude, you gotta watch avatar when you're high, it's so mongy
by OzzieHP October 11, 2018
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The act of performing a set of a certain exercise then immediately after, eating a delicious chicken dinner.

A supper set is a very effective way to put on quality mass while bulking
Brad: bro, what we hittin' today?

Chad: we gonna bang out some supper sets on bench till we fucking pass out, dude.
by OzzieHP February 07, 2018
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An itching/tingling sensation across the whole body, caused by the amino acid beta-alanine found in many pre-workout supplements
Bro A: You feelin' hyped for today's lift?
Bro B: fuck yeah, dude, I've taken 3 scoops of n.o. xplode
Bro A: shiiit Bro you must have the Allies so bad
Bro B: yehee no doubt
by OzzieHP May 27, 2018
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