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Someone who spends all day on Urban Dictionary.com typing up crude/unfunny/mean definitions for peoples names. One reaches "uber lame-o" status when they define one name in a negative manor more than once, pretending they're someone different every time.
Sandy: "Melissa is SUCH a whore! I'm going to go on Urban Dictionary and type up all these awful definitions about her name as a passive agressive means of showing her how much I hate her because, in reality, I'm jealous of everything about her. THEN PEOPLE WILL LAUGH AT THEM AND IT WILL HURT HER SOUL!
Jenna: Wow, you're a real fuckin' lame-o for that.
by Oy, Nineteen, Eld July 23, 2008
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A hand gesture created and used to shed light on the fact a certain situation has become "awkward". It doesn't look like a turtle, or an awkward turtle, it's just dumb.
Johnny: So, when she said that I was all like *awkward turtle*
Dave: Dude, that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen, plus, it just makes you look like an ass for making the awkward situation more awkward. It doesn't even look like a turtle.
Johnny: Oh, uh *awkward turtle*
Dave: You're a dumbass.
by Oy, Nineteen, Eld July 22, 2008
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