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A retail store that drug users, thieves, emo kids little old ladies go to sell stolen stuff, because hastings buys used books, DVDs, and CDs.
GSA : "How's it goin'? Thanks for comin' to hastings!"
Customer : "I got some stuff I want to sell you guys."
GSA : "OK, Lets see what you've got here...Ma'am are you sure that you want to get rid of all 27 copies you own of Tremors 4 and this Britney Spears CD?"
Customer : "Yes, and I need whatever I can get in cash, because" (...this is where said customer explains for 3-5 minutes why they need to sell so many copies of the same item. Why they need the money. The reason they will be in next week with 20 more copies of some other movie that nobody wants to watch.)
by Otherdustin April 14, 2008
Any form of sexual intercouse made in the past that could potentially lead to children.
Guy: I never get any sleep anymore.

Girl: Well if you wouldn't stay up all night making history then you'd get more sleep.

Guy: I wasn't making history.

Girl: Good, cuz it only takes 1 night of history to lead to a little future.
by Otherdustin July 18, 2008
As used in scrabble...
Person 1 : You can't use dang, it's not a real word.
Person 2 : Yes it is. It's in the dictionary....see!
Person 1 : Ok then.

(next round)
Person 1: Oh hell no, I let you get away with dang, but not danger...you can't be more than dang!
Person 2: Just look it up.

(reads the definition)
Person 1: Well shit.
by Otherdustin September 14, 2010