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County Seat of Montgomery County,Pa. Small, dirty, with corrupt government hell bent on the destruction of the minorities. Philly Thugs, (the borders of Philadelpha being less than 15 minutes away) often move in on local slanging turf with little or no resistance. The growth of the Mexican community has been astronomical since 2000, leading to many historically white and black owned bars becoming cantinas. Cops are worthless, organized crime families untouchable, while black and brown males are arrested and jailed in record numbers. Largest number of underground rappers in Philadelphia suburbs . Separated by Markley Street and the once beautiful Stoney Creek, to create the predominately black East End, and racial mixed West End.
nig 1: We're yall at?
nig 2: We just left South Street..
nig 1: I just left my jawn crib, pick me up on Markley St near Micky Dees.
nig 2: We will be back to Norristown in like 30 minutes yo.
nig 1: ight.
by Orca Raptalon July 15, 2008

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the act of stabbing or slicing a person with a razor or box cutter.
"..Car jack a fool~twist his limbs like pilates\

ox`em~buck fifty stitch`em\

Chinatown Wars we chop`em up like rice in the kitchen\.."

excerpt from Ghostface Killah on Chinatown Wars feat MF Doom
by Orca Raptalon June 01, 2009

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