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A person who works for a natural gas exploration company that invades north eastern small towns in great numbers; disrupting the ebb and flow of that community. Can usually be seen driving a white Ford-350 with abnormal amounts of tool boxes, tinted windows, Texas plates and "bull balls" hanging from the hitch.
I tried to get McDonald's breakfast this morning but there were 17 gasholes backed up in the drive-thru!!!

My friends needed a place to stay for the weekend but the gasholes have every hotel booked!

I used to have clean drinking water but the gasholes put 37 holes in my yard and now it's contaminated!

Look at the trail of grease and dirt that gashole leaves behind him in the grocery store!
by OptionVBC April 25, 2010

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What a half retarded redneck from texas will say right before he gets stabbed with a pencil.
I said OMG he gots a knife... i looked left, i looked to the right and wham! it felt like a needle going in.
by OptionVBC July 03, 2009

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