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That which is uttered that doth sound of the Bard but cometh not of his pen.

(Fake + Shakespeare = Fakespeare)
1) Fakespeare of the punning style, such as this Richard-III-esque line: "Now is the winter of our disco tent."

2) Fakespeare of the "damn, I've forgotten my line" style, such as: "The king wears heels; yet O! I know not why."
by Operactress April 25, 2011

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"Chickstrati" are female singers who are asked to perform those vocal parts in Medieval and Renaissance repertoire which would originally have been sung by the castrati males. Chick + castrati = chickstrati
Conductor: "OK, let's start at bar 56 with the chickstrati. Thank you!"
by Operactress December 06, 2010

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