2 definitions by OofBoi2718

when boomer can't type and types brat as bray
Boomer: you are a spoiled bray

Other guy: ok boomer
by OofBoi2718 January 03, 2020
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Ethan is a boy that always flirts. He will randomly go up to girls and say "hello" awkwardly but acts like he's gay when talking to other people. He always sleeps in Chinq and Chinq history lessons , never stand up to greet the teacher and gets in trouble a lot. He is also the weird kid in school. He is a big retard who likes to play with an imaginary gaming device which is actually the cover of his stationary box. His emotions always look fake and says sorry in inappropriate situations. He gets suspiciously high grades that everyone thinks he's cheating which he probably is. Whenever he loses something, he always blames it on others. He is a very narcissistic person and thinks he's the best when he's not. Nobody likes Ethan.
Ethan is flirting again, how annoying!

Let's tell the teacher that Ethan is sleeping in class again, he'll be in so much trouble!
by OofBoi2718 November 08, 2018
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