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One of the greatest southern rappers out there. Comes from a real hood background, and is lyrically advanced in his raps. Girls say he's sexy. Starred in #1 movie Takers. Married to Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle. Would have more rep than Wayne if he didnt get in so much damn trouble with the law.
Girl: OMG T.I. is sooooooo cute, he can do better than that bitch Tiny

Stupid Guy: Naw ho, T.I. sux balls, listen to gucci mane or rick ross, ohhhh yea and my nigga soulja boy!!(Starts dancing)

Smart Guy: yo retard T.i. is what we need to save the rap game, rick ross is a fat ex- cop, gucci mane is the biggest poser, and soulja boy is a 19 year old dancing faggot

Girl: And T.I. is soooo cute. Those guys are ugly

Stupid Guy: Naw Ricky Ross is hard

Smart Guy:No he's fat and so fake

Girl: and T.I. is cuter

Smart Guy: oooooooooooooook yea

Stupid Guy: man fuck y'all, im bout to turn my swaggggg onnnnnnnnnn

(Stupid Guy starts dancing, grows up to live a lonely life of masturbation while gucci and rick ross' careers go up in flames, soulja boy gets shot at a concert. Smart guy and girl, grow up and get married and fuck every night to T.I. "Whatever You Like")
by OnPointHustler September 28, 2010
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