2 definitions by Omgshakira

i nEEd a bAd bLeEp
LiL ShAwTy tHe bAdDeSt
YeAh ShE GoT HeR WaYs

sO ObViOuSlY tHeSe lYrIcS ArE VeRy hEarTfElT tOwArDs mE bEcAuSe i AM aDdIsOn RaE
why did addsion rae decide to make bad bleep merch?? she killed the vibe.
by Omgshakira September 23, 2020
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Zeake is a mystery man. Who knows what is going on in his life? He will keep to himself and may decline questions about his personal life. Ultimately, he can be nice.
Damn, zeake is such a mystery!
by Omgshakira April 04, 2019
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