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(Noun/Adjective) The rapid, inorganic, contextless, design of urban space in the 21st century - with complete disregard for the social, political, & environmental impacts of such hyper-growth.
Did u just build that 120-floor underwater skyscraper in 2 months? That's so Plastic-Fantastic!

by Omar Offendum December 23, 2008

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(Noun) One of many greasy, tight pants wearing, faux-hawk hair cement styling, oversize sunglasses flossing, fitted shirt rocking, diamond studded belt-buckle shining, excessive pungent cologne using, club hopping, sausage party attending, non-dancing & wall hugging men/boys of Arab or Middle Eastern descent.
"Did you just buy a Jacob & Co. watch to wear to class? That's so Petro-sexual!"
by Omar Offendum March 24, 2008

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