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A symbol that hundreds of moronic linux users, open source advocates, and ted Danson use as the S in the abbreviation "MS" (Microsoft).
This guy came up to me on the street and said "Why are you using M$ Winblows, when you could spend hours compiling free programs that won't work on your system!". The reason I know he used a dollar sign instead of an S, was because he said "M-Dollar Sign". The conversation may have also been closed-captioned.
by Olene Q'Dell April 30, 2005

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The professor and mary-anne.
The movie star .. and the rest .. here on Gilligan's Isle.
by Olene Q'Dell December 12, 2004

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Adverb - with lameness.
Treat nice people nicely, treat lame people lamely.
by Olene Q'Dell May 07, 2004

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While microsoft and apple were stealing from their rich neighbor, Xeros, linux was at home eating Cracklin' Oat Bran.

Linux is an OS where files have no association to programs; all configuration and settings are stored "wherever" in text files that grow to be megabytes long; most shell commands are so abstractly named that you would never be able to use them without knowing how they work.. or first reading its "manual page".

Linux is an operating system of inconsistancy. Theres over a thousand distributions of linux, and over a billion different modified versions of it. Programs come shipped as source code that you must compile and configure (by way of large scripts that attempt to figure out how your system is running.. since nothing is standard).

Very few consumer hardware companies support linux because there are far too many different scenarios they would have to support.

Linux is great as a server OS, but its when people try to use it as an everyday OS that it turns them into babbling idiots that stop caring about what a program does and start trying to figure out and change how it works.

Since linux was created by people with no aesthetic differentiation... most GUI's you will encounter look like a poor ripoff of windows 3.1.
When I was 8, me and my friend tried to make an operating system in QBASIC that used nothing but text files. I gave up. My friend succeeded and created linux.
by Olene Q'Dell December 16, 2004

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The name for the "@" symbol.
The studel symbol is often pronounced as "at" or "each".
by Olene Q'Dell March 13, 2004

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