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Paul Denino, otherwise known as Ice Poseidon, is a some-what relevant livestreamer who used to stream on Twitch.TV until he got Swatted on a plane at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona, which soon resulted in Denino getting permanently banned from the site for "giving out his location" on-stream. Because of this, Denino now streams on YouTube and has his own website, browser extension and app. He is also well known for having strange tourrette's syndrome-like tics which he denies the existence of when asked.
Though Ice Poseidon is not racist himself, the fanbase he has loves to race-bait. This is why he's commonly associated with the TriHard emote.

Cx in the chat.
by OfficiallyGoodenough August 24, 2017

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Paul Denino, otherwise known as Ice Poseidon, is a YouTube livestreamer who gained a large fanbase on twitch.tv through racist media donations whilst playing Runescape before being swatted at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Arizona. Denino's fanbase withered away in recent years not only due to his content and dumping of the alien named Caroline being faked, but also becoming a puppet for Brent "Scuffed Steve Jobs" Kaskel, who discourages others from streaming in Denino's streamer house.
Twitch/Old Ice Poseidon needs to come back. We don't care about these normie fucks.

Built up a network and then destroyed it with people nobody wants to see. For the last time nobody cares about a streamer house with random normies. Imagine all the shit you could do with the money instead. Its true old Ice from 2 years ago wouldnt believe all this shit.

Miss the old days, pre SSJ and pre everything, just a man in his parents house who streams runescape and act crazy. How i miss these streams and now he just gone corporate. RIP old ice 2015-2017.
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by OfficiallyGoodenough February 18, 2019

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