1 definition by Obvious-Man

A flat brimmed hat. They have shiny gold stickers on them. The stickers are left on because apparently they make the wearer cool/gangster/etc., when in reality they just make the wearer look like a dumbass. Do you keep the tags on your clothes? Didn't think so.

Supposedly it's left on because it shows how much the hat cost or simply because it's shiny, and humans seem to have some attraction to shiny things (ie. bling, gold, and in ancient cultures, the sun). All in all, this fad is up there in stupidity with having one's pants down past their knees. To quote the overused -yet completely true- song, "Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!"
Average American: "Yo, look at dat fuckin' 59Fifty hat, man! It got da fuckin' shiny-ass sticka on it, yo! Dat mean it fuckin' legit!"

Anyone with a brain: "You seem to have forgotten to take the sticker off your hat. Oh, it's cool to keep it on? Sorry, but you don't look gangstuh. You look like a dumbass."
by Obvious-Man July 20, 2010