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A pair of Speedos made with denim and the ability to wear a fashionable belt whilst swimming like a fish or dive bombing off the end of a jetty. Also come in a full body suit but not yet sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee.

Jeans + Speedos = Jeedos
'We've just got a new range of stone wash Jeedos in!'

'Bob took to the starting block in a pair of Jeedos complete with a G-Star belt... that's what you call racing with style!'
by OaksUleh July 31, 2009
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For a guy to trim his pubic hair or to style it fashionably.
Bob spent several hours in the bathroom Man Scaping so that he was ready for his big date.

'Hey dude we still hitting the clubs on Saturday night?'
'Yeah but i gotta man scape abit first, it's like a jungle down there!'
by OaksUleh July 28, 2009
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