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Anyone that uses ninja shit to steal or hurt anyone in present day times. They are masters of destruction and normally operate at night but are known to ocassionally come out in the day if a "Mission" is deemed to be worthwhile. They are often considered to be normal in school except they have no after school activities so they turn to vandalism to fill the gap. They are masters of video games and computer systems and range in physical abilities normally fairly fit because of the things they do. DO NOT FUCK WITH A NINJA
1.) A bunch of ninjas tagged the school last night
2.) A fucking ninja slashed my tires now i have to walk cuz im a fag
3.) I lost my wallet when I left it in my locker, god damn ninjas G'ed up my shit
4.) Konrad bosselman and Robert Long are the most famous known ninjas disappearing after a store heist
by OXHEAVYARMSXO January 9, 2008
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A demon fox from Japanese folklore that some people believe reside in them. They are normally so heavy into anime that they deserve to be shot in the face, repeatedly.
Me: How you feeling?
Emo kid: My gf broke up with me, i feel like going kyuubi up at her
Me:God damn you are such a bitch nigg
by OXHEAVYARMSXO January 9, 2008
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