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The giving of aural pleasure, typically to one's superiors, though is it not uncommon to be given out to those of similar status to gain favor. Verbal head is most often seen in the workpalce, in educational seetings, or just among friends.

Very similar to brown-nosing, but typically the one giving verbal head will not stop until the recipient appears annoyed for riding them so long.
Student #1: "I like, love, rocks. Some people think their boring, but I just love them. Geology is my fvorite class. I tried to get this class everyday, but the Admissions Office wouldn't let me. I just love your class professor."
Geology Professor: "Well, I appreciate that, but I think it's time to move ahead with the lecture."
Student #3 to #4: "Damn, there she goes again, giving him verbal head. I heard she did the same thing to her Latin professor."
by OX@EM March 25, 2009

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