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a common term for japanese animation, usually based off of manga (japanese graphic novels). it often recieves hate here in the western world because some people havent really seen it or they think all animation is for children. usually, with the exception of studio bones, the animation itself is very lack-luster. something comon i've read here on urban dictionary is that its, "the legal way to jerk it to an 8 year old.", this is not true, while many anime's do actually have quite a bit of sexual humor, you cant call it that. however it has recieved much popularity here for the teenage demographic as well. also another thing is people known as weeaboo, people who get WAAAAAAAAAY over obsessive over anime, and otaku, the japanese term for a geek, or in america's case, people who are really into anime but dont exactly cross into weeaboo terratory, are shut ins with no life, again not true.
guy: hey lets go watch some cowboy bebop.

anime hater: yeah its the only one of those animes thats actually any good
by ONIMUSHA11 October 27, 2010

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