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Okay, I have to disagree with most of the definitions here. I've lived in Iowa most of my life and it might not be the 'worst' state but it pretty much is all about farming (and maybe insurance if you live in Des Moines, whopee!)

Seriously, most of the people on here defending the state sound like they're reading right out of a travel brochure.

The good news is crime is low, traffic is low, the state universities are ranked relatively high, pollution is low (except for the chemical runoff from the corn and bean fields.)

Speaking of corn and beans, that really what most of the state is. No mountains, few hills or forests, just corn and beans and dirty little ponds and streams. Lots of hog confinements, too, which you'll smell from miles away.

Most people are polite but really not very engaging. Most Iowans kind of live off in their own little bubble and don't really care about politics or current events. In fact I would say the vast majority of adults here don't read, period.

Some of the 'cities' are ok, (I particularly like Iowa City and Dubuque), but nothing spectacular.

The weather is horrible, hot humid summers with lots of mosquitoes, awful winters.

Maybe not the 'worst' state of the union, but definitely not the best and it's gotta be high in the running for 'most boring.' Of course if you're from NYC or LA and are looking for a change of pace, you'll find it here, for better or worse.
"I can't believe all the crap people talk about Iowa, it's really an amazing state with lots of opportunities and beautiful landscapes and some of the best people in the world and--"

"--dude, have you even been out of the state?"
by Nword Ricky November 23, 2012
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