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Roxicontin, or "roxies" is a term for the opiate derived pain killer oxycodone. It is highly addictive and is vastly becoming the heroin of tomorrow. There are three different types all small round pills consisting of a blueish tint and scored on both sides depending of what manufacturer they came from. (AMIDE Pharma is scored on only one side with an upper case 'A' above the break line and '215' below, Qualitest Pharma marks one side with what apears to be the letter 'V' and on the other '48'to the left and '12' to the right of the breaking line).
The most popular form of oxycodone amongst harder users of the drug is that manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharma. This is because this particular form of the pill is more water saluble and easier to inject via insulin needle. It is a very pale blue scored with an 'M' within a square on one side and a '30' above the break line on the other.
Often confused with Oxicontin (produced by Purdue Pharma) which is time released and not water soluble, "roxies/blues" are by far the most addictive opiate on the market today. They are cleaner and more easily accessed than their distant foreign cousin heroin and far cheaper ranging from $8-10 in some areas.
by Nwarts November 09, 2010

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