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Originally military speak, translating directly as “LLMF,” this became an acronym for “Little Lost Mother F**ker.” It was later adopted by the tech world to refer to somebody (usually non-technical) who is in way over their head.
“We tried showing the boss how to use the new database, but he couldn’t even follow instructions well enough to get through the first two screens. After that, it was just Lima Lima Matt Foxtrot the whole way.”
by Nurse Kitten June 23, 2005

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Being in charge of a project or planned activity, whether work related or not.
WORK: “We need to all be on the same page with this project, so we need a good outline and a game plan.”
“What are you expecting me to do? You’re driving the bus!”

FREE TIME:“Hey, when are we meeting at the theater and which movie are we seeing?”
“Shoot, man, ask John. He’s driving the bus.”
by Nurse Kitten August 31, 2005

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