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Someone who drives an eighteen wheeler as a living. Often sterotyped as an awful driver, stupid, and addicted to god awful country music. They never seem to get full credit for delivering goods. The media also seems to blame accidents on them, when they are either A) Not involved with it, or B) not the cause of it, but a stupid fourwheeler, who cut in front of them. Also unfair laws, such as CARB and anti-idle, cost them money.

To all the stupid morons who spent 5 minutes plus dissing them: Like your computer? Like wiping your stupid ass with toliet paper? Like driving your car? Then appericate truck drivers, their the reason that stuff got where it is.
Exp 1.
Random guy: Stupid trucker, almost ran me over in my little shit box car.
Me: are you sure it wasn't your stupidity for cutting in front of him, that caused this?
Exp. 2.
"A trucker is blamed for the accident, despite the fact that the car cut in front of them." Maybeline Newspaper.
Exp 3.
CARB effing sucks.
by Numbah 36 April 27, 2008

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1. Verb: Slang for when someone takes a crap.
2. Interjection: When someone usually makes a mistake, they will yell out this word.
Example number 1: "Dude, hold up for a minute, I've got to take a shit."
Example Number 2:
Me: Did you remeber to get the keys?
Donielle: Shit! No...
by Numbah 36 April 25, 2008

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