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A person who has the ability to do anything and everything without a problem. This person does not show any emotion when he/she is congradulated for doing everything perfectly, because he/she has become desensitized to the praise.
Student 1: Wow, that girl Ellen was able to get straight A+'s all year, while taking AP classes, doing 150+ hours of community service, playing fockey, being in every single school committee, being on the debate and math team, and finding the cures for cancer, AIDS, and obesity!
Student 2: Wow, she must be a robot. I do not have enough energy or determination to do even half of those things, never mind all of them, all at once!
by Not a Robot December 13, 2008

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A disdain for all things bacon-related, including but not limited to bacon festivals, foods wrapped in bacon, topped with bacon, etc. Refers specifically to hipster-originating bacon items; one may still enjoy bacon but one may not tweet/FB/IG evidence.
Ex. 1

Hipster: "Let's go to Coachella and eat chocolate-covered bacon ice cream!"
Other Hipster: "Yeah, that sounds dope."

Ex. 2

Before exploding in media popularity ca. 2011, bacon used to be enjoyable. Now I have bacon fatigue. Take back breakfast.
by Not A Robot May 01, 2013

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