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A steburg is a great man who rides motorbikes a steburg often has a really awesome missus who loves him very much

Steburg's can keep their cool in stressful situations, and are often funny.

Anything that a steburg does is much harder for anyone else to do,

A steburg is very rare there is only one and he is a sick#unt .
A steburg loves sausage. Has mechanic hands. And can dance like daddy cool.
A steburg is a beautiful day
And is funnier then his better half.

"Look at steburg eating that sausage."

"Gee that steburg sure is good at dancing"

"Steburg is just good at everything, except whistling"

"Steburgs missus is so darn awesome, look at her new shiny cowboy boots"
by Not jordii November 18, 2020
Typically used when describing a person bearing the name Tony,

Most often used when a Tony does something stupid, lame, funny or really if a Tony does anything,

You're a dick can (granted a Tony is not around) can also be used to describe a Duke.
Tony: is that brick welded to that pole?

Everyone: Tony you're a dick.

Tony: I Painted my car dash again....
Everyone: you're a dick.

Tony: sthe sthells sthea sthells bthy the sthea sthore.
Everyone: your a dick..

Duke: arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
Everyone: you're a dick
by Not jordii November 20, 2020