3 definitions by Not Your Neighbour

Not to be confused with Fuhrer or Furzi

A Furher is namely, the influencer of a particular furry group. Not necessarily associated with Furzi, may become difficult to identify to non-furry populations. Usually the first one to receive all promotional merchandise.
See that one swimming in gifts? That's the furher!
by Not Your Neighbour February 10, 2018
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(n.) a simp.
In Eugene's final attempt to get spare coochie, he has declared himself a male feminist.
by Not Your Neighbour September 25, 2019
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(v.) To over promise and under deliver at the same time while declaring yourself a hero.
(v.) Abusing the system to remove negative and factual information about yourself.
(n.) An individual who becomes what they claimed to fight
I can't believe you just Zoe Quinned the whole class!
by Not Your Neighbour September 25, 2019
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