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The epic pink starfish guy from Spongebob Squarepants
'nuff said
Parick Star:Who you callin Pinhead....

Patrick Star:I wanna be Dirty Dan
by Norklandia September 26, 2010

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A preteen/teenager who is desparate to be "cool",but instead actually ends up looking like a idiotic poseur.They often have iPhones and spend their entire day text messaging stuff like ''OMG I jes GoT A ManICuRE".They often listen to pop songs like California Gurls only because everyone else like them listens to them.Teeny boppers often hang in cliques.Their lives depend on boys,and they only like guys for their looks which is pretty sad.They like to stuff their bras with tissue papper because they are flat chested and wish to have "boobies"Word of advice to teeny boppers:get a life please,and get over yourself while your at it.
They obsess over themselves and are selfish.They love pink,and are always following fads and whats in.Reason Being:To bE KeWL,as I said before.When texting and chating online they type like this:OMGGGGGG i BRokE A NaIl!!!!!!!!

They often wear whats ''IN".

They are commonly reffered to as sluts and attention whores.Part of that is true,but not all teeny boppers are sluts.Most are though,but all of them are attention whores.If they weren't then they would be teeny boppers.
teeny bopper #1:"LYKe OMGGGG CaLiFOrNiA GuRLs RaWk.''
me:''Damn not another teeny bopper."
by Norklandia September 26, 2010

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