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A term used when an individual is keeping an innapropriate secret.
Oprah never told anybody about her secret, i heard it from her brother that she cut her nipples off and put them in a mason jar. i call it, Oprahs dirty secret.
by Noodle tickler July 21, 2019
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A creecher is a belligerent troglodyte who repeatedly stalks someone or acts in a creepy, sexual, or weird manor.
Kevin tried to squeeze Katherine's c cup breasts, what a creecher.

David dispelled mustard out of his pores. What a creecher.
by Noodle tickler December 30, 2020
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That one Twat you sat next to on the bus you called you homosexual. Then his dad kissed his sister.
by Noodle tickler September 21, 2019
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