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A podcast based out of Philly, and Portland. The show started in 2005 by Eric Tomorow, and after three episodes Taylor Ramsaur came in as a co-host. Since then they have gone from having only a few people listening to having thousands of listeners all over the world, and have recorded over hundred shows. They talk about random things going on int he world. News stories (mostly about crazy murders or microwaving babies). They tell stories of things that have hapend to them and ocasionaly have some of their friends as guests who tell the fucked up thigns they've done.

Other segmants include 'Love Hate'. Where people call in and leave messages of either Love or Hate directing them at someone they know or encountered.
-Confessions is another segment where people call in with confessions of fucked up things they have done (e.g. jerking off to the Virgin Mary, Rollerblading, cumming on peoples faces, etc. etc.). Through this segment Eric and Taylor have found out that most of their listeners, also known as the mediocre nation, are dirty sex perverts.A top 5 is done every so often where they say their top five of random subjects, such as : wierdest place to beat off; summer songs; worst people to date; people you want hung.
Cable dating is a segment where they take the audio from a video recorded my Comcast On-Demand Dating and make fun of the person for their crazyness.
Trucker Buddy is one of the most devoted listeners to the mediocre show who calls in often with comments that make you shudder and cringe with fear. He calls in so much that he now has his own segment.

Some quotes that have been said by Eric and Taylor are
"Aww buddy"
"by travis"
"call your moms"
"dirty sex pervert"
"taylor your a dirty hippy"
"One minute i got to look at this guys boner"
"TB has lost his fucking mind"
"Florida...(said with extreme hate)"
The Mediocre Shows web site is www.mediocreshow.com
-"Your listening to the Mediocre Show with Eric and Sweet Pea"
-"I'm gonna get's me a mediocre show tee shirt"
-"taylor from the mediocre show is a dirty hippie"
by Nolan Phillips May 25, 2007