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as¡¤sas¡¤si¡¤nate¡¤ (¨¡t¡ä)

transitive verb

to murder (esp. a politically important or prominent person) by surprise attack, usually for payment or from zealous belief
to harm or ruin (someone's reputation, etc.), as by slander, vilification, etc.

- your mission is too asses....assiss...assas...TO KILL A GUY (top gun version)

Powerful people fear that someone will try to assassinate them.

by Noka October 31, 2007
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A conbinations of Herpies, Gonorrhea, siphilous, and aids

Used in context to a nasty, promiscuous or dirty individual.
you kissed who you probably have Herpagonasiphalaids now.
I wouldnt sleep with you youll probably give me Herpagonasiphalaids
by Noka October 31, 2007
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Code for slacking
For when people are standing around with there hands in there pockets, cause when your not doing anything with your hands in your pockets you cant hurt yourself.
What are those guys doing over there? there having a safety meeting.
by Noka October 30, 2007
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