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Horny, Sexually aroused, waiting with haste, need of comfort, needy
I am red hot kitchen
by NoOneAtAll0 September 21, 2013

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Being in love with the idea of being in love
The man suffered from blind romance, similar to snow blind
by NoOneAtAll0 September 20, 2013

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When you get a bad batch of drugs, you know the shits fucked, but you do it anyways, perhaps because you are an addict, desperation or are just a retard or just don't care....
For shit's sake, dude's been Griming out for weeks, are you sure he's right in the head?
by NoOneAtAll0 September 04, 2013

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A sexually appealing, revealing black dress worn by light skinned Caucasian woman, the Juxtaposition highlights the beauty of the milky white skin.
She lured the man into bed with her little black dress
by NoOneAtAll0 September 21, 2013

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