3 definitions by Nita

someone who cares about people and is really sensitive...has one guy n only one guy in her heart and is friendly. shes nice and sweet and wont hurt you. gurls tend to hate her for no apparent reason. shes trustworthy and wont let u down.
gurl: ugh shes so prettty i hate her
guy: dont hate cos u aint as hawt as her, nita wannabe.
by Nita April 24, 2005
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My definition is when we refer to some one as being "boojee", we are saying they want to be or act like "stuck up upper class". Someone of limited means, acting, trying to dress beyond affordability, may drive impressive ride. An act. A "wannabe", truth be told, of "ghetto" substance. It's an(boojee)attitude.
I think it's expressed above. I'm not too sure about this spelling. I saw it spelled somewhere...I know it's a french word. I'm searching for spelling and ended up here.
by Nita February 1, 2005
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