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Locombia refers to the South American Republic of Colombia and is often used by young travelers with reference to its vast production of recreational drugs and perceived safety issues.
Word pun by combining "Colombia" and "loco" ("crazy, mad").
We're headed for Locombia. Beautiful girls and Medellin snow ahead, marica.
I heard backpacking through Locombia is not safe.
by NillKiggers February 19, 2019
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A governmental agent (FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF) making bait posts on forums and image boards to entrap individuals or gather intelligence. The purported goal of glowniggers is baiting potential criminals or gather intelligence about a particular online community to reveal their intentions or beliefs.

The practice of posting as a glownigger is called glowposting.

The term was coined by paranoid-schizophrenic internet personality and Temple OS programmer Terry Davis in his livestream. "The CIA niggers glow in the dark, you can see them if you're driving. You just run them over " - Terry Davis, 2017.
The term was popularized around 2018-2019 on 4chan.org (specifically the /pol/ board) and 8chan.

see also glow nigger glowposting
I saw a post on 4chan asking what kind of gun is best for a school shooting. OP must be an ATF glownigger.
by NillKiggers March 19, 2019
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