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A slut is usually a girl between the ages of 9-17 , and the occasional male, who wears shorts in the middle of winter with their ass hanging out basically exposing their whole butt hole. You could practically walk up behind them in the hall way and shove your whole hand up there. Usually wears shirts that only cover breasts, barley. No bras, pointy nipples that could cut glass. They think their image makes you want to be them when really everyone really knows your probably just a poor adopted Vietnamese girl whose parents never loved her, and has to dress provocative to get the attention of small gay children so they can throw them in the back of dan the mans city wide van and get more attention for that, stupid sluts. dunno their gonna get caught anyway in their slutty threads.

(aka justin bieber)
"Tuck your ass back in your shorts you slut"
"what shorts?"
by Nikoitte November 12, 2010
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