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A usless sports car with sh*t handling characteristics, a big, ineffiient low powered lazy fuel wasting engine and quit possibly the longest and most ungainly overgangs I have ever seen on a sports car.
Bob:Damn, that camaro is the worst car i have driven, ever.
George:Stick with the imports Bob.
by Nik P September 27, 2005
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Little fury bastards that mug people in the local park at night and have an obssesion with nuts. Bloody squirrels!
What the? Get out of my trouser leg! Blasted squirrels got my nuts.
by Nik P October 31, 2005
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More than likely to be the little button you clicked on to get an unexpected word on urbandictionary.com

Also used when something unusal happens.
Stevie: Tim, you seen my hat?
Tim: Sponge!
Stevie: What a random comment.
Tim: pwwaghahahahahaha!
by Nik P November 06, 2005
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