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In modern Mexico and the U.S., "cholo" is a term implying a working-class Mexican or Chicano, not necessarily a gangster, though cholos are often assumed to be gang members. A cholo is stereotypically depicted as wearing baggy chinos (khaki pants) or khaki shorts with white knee-high socks, dark washed jeans as prisoners wear, so-called "wifebeater" undershirts or white sleeveless t-shirts, flannel shirts buttoned all the way to the top or unbuttoned except for the top button, and charlie brown shirts. A stereotypical chola is depicted as having multiple children by multiple gang member fathers, and often with penciled in eyebrows.citation needed

Cholos often wear military belts. Cholos in the 1990s and 2000s usually have a shaved head due to Sureño affiliation, though some continue to have the more traditional slicked-back hair, sometimes held in place by a hair net or a bandana. A bandana may also be worn in the rear pants pocket, and can identify gang affiliation, sexual orientation or simply be an accessory.citation needed

Footwear may include traditional athletic shoes, such as Converse, Nike Cortez, Stacy Adams or Adidas sneakers or Huaraches. Cholos may wear guayabera shirts, or embroidered white or pale blue short sleeve, collared shirts. Popular "cholo" brands include Dickies, Ben Davis, Joker, Lowrider, and Bighouse. Some cholos, particularly older cholos, or cholos wishing to adopt a more refined look, wear formal wear inspired by zoot suit fashion, including dress shirts with suspenders, and fedora hats, but may still retain cholo elements such as a bandana or hair net. Cholos in rural areas, as well as many in northern Mexico may also wear some elements of cowboy or "ranchero" wear, and may even may alternate between the two styles.citation needed
"Those chollos are pretty cool but they have no idea what counterculture is."

"They're chollos, not gangsters!"

"Those chollos beat up those old farm workers"
by Nijul April 04, 2008

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